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Super Duper

sustainable portable adventurous good cold brew coffee.

Cold brew coffee – fresh roasted, cold brewed, shipped right to your door. Our cold brew comes in the most sustainable, convenient, and adventure ready pouches, ready to energize for all your Super Duper adventures.

Super Duper good coffee that you can take anywhere.

In your pocket, in your pack, these cold brew coffee adventure pouches are made to go anywhere. Our mission is for everybody to have access to Super Duper good coffee at all times.

No Bulk. No Brewing. No Mess. All Adventure. Super Duper Good Cold Brew Coffee.

Never hit the trail without Super Duper Coffee.

Grab Some Adventure Pouches!

What makes Super Duper Coffee so... Super Duper?

Fair Trade  – Fresh Roasted – Cold Brew Coffee

Coffee sourced from small farmers paying above fair trade through respected importers. Our proprietary extraction method proves the cleanest cold brewed coffee experience you’ll find in the wild. Plus, pouches are superior at protecting the quality of the coffee better, keeping oxygen and other bad stuff out while locking flavor and aroma in.

Sustainable Coffee

Less space, less weight.  Super Duper recyclable pouches have a smaller carbon footprint than both cans and bottles. They are made of less material overall, plus they take up less space and weight in transport and storage. Every box of pouches is the equivalent of a pallet of cans or bottles shipped.

We are a proud member of 1% For The Planet, a member-based nonprofit organization where businesses all over the world commit to donating 1% of their annual sales — not profit… sales! — to environmental nonprofit organizations.

1% For the Planet

Ready for Adventure Cold Brew Coffee

Pouches are the superior vessel for Ready to drink coffee for longer freshness, quality, and adventure. Super Duper pouches fit in your pocket, seal back up leak free, and roll up tiny to be packed in and packed out.  Our mission is to make sure you never have to go without Super Duper good coffee, especially on rad adventures.