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If you’re a Super Duper Subscription adventurer, you already know and chances are you’re already sippin’ on this month’s new coffee.  For those of you who don’t know, every month I choose a new origin to roast and ship to subscribers of the Adventure Subscription, where we will try these different coffees from all over the world, roasted locally and shipped right to your door. Link here if you want to join: Subscription Adventure! – Roaster’s Choice Single Origin – Super Duper Coffee (

We’ve been choosing a lot of light roasts the past few months, so we thought we’d switch it up and hit the opposite end of the spectrum. This month we went with a dark roast, and what better way to showcase a deeper roast than with a Sumatra origin? Quite a few roasters choose to go dark on these, and for good reason. We’ll get a bit of dark chocolate, but what is really nice is the deep earthy notes reminiscent of super fine pipe tobacco. In a good way. I also found some dark dried fruit flavors coming through, and I’m interested to hear what you think about it, so let me know! email, DM, whatever, let me know how you’re liking these coffees so far, and even give me input on where you’d like this journey to go. We’re in this together.

About the origin: Mandheling coffee is named after the Mandailing people who inhabit northern Sumatra. This coffee comes from small remote farms in a tropical microclimate that are connected by a network of collectors, processors, traders, and exporters that together push the coffee into the global supply chain. The wet hulled process is chosen due to the humid climate. Coffee cherries are depulped at the farm and fermented overnight, quick dried, and then dried further as it travels to the mill for export (to people like me).

Green coffee from Sumatra is classified into different grades depending on the number of defects present in an unroasted coffee sample of 300 grams. The highest, Grade 1 TP, signifies that the coffee was triple-picked, referring to how many times the beans were hand-sorted, and less than five defects were found per sample. This coffee was graded as such, a Grade 1 TP.

Hope you enjoyed it, and if you’re not in the club, join up today!

Subscription Adventure! – Roaster’s Choice Single Origin – Super Duper Coffee (


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